21st July 2010

Apnee Sehat DVD Launched ‘Ramazan ki ek Raat — One Ramadan Night’

On Wednesday 21st July Apnee Sehat launched their latest DVD called 'Ramazan ki ek Raat - One Ramadan Night' - Fasting safely during Ramadan. Community members, Clinicians and Healthcare professionals from the West Midlands area all celebrated with drinks and dinner at the Rose Murree Restaurant in the heart of Birmingham.

Launched by Dr Elizabeth Hughes, Postgraduate Medical Dean, West Midlands

‘Ramazan ki ek Raat — One Ramadan Night’ - Fasting Safely with Diabetes.

59-year old Salim is keeping the Ramadan fast. He has diabetes and this morning he takes his medication with the pre-sunrise Sehri breakfast as usual. Salim then rushes to work so he can finish early to meet his beloved son who is returning home after two years abroad. Unbeknownst to Salim, his son has a surprise – his wife is expecting the family’s first grandchild! As Salim hurries to finish work, he begins to feel extremely unwell—his blood sugar level is dropping until eventually he collapses into a coma.

Will Salim come out of the coma? Will he ever know that he is to become a grandfather? How could he have avoided this tragedy? Find out in ‘Ramazan ki ek Raat/One Ramadan Night’

Health Care Practioner and Patient versions of the DVD available in English and Urdu.

Supported by an unrestricted educational grant by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd