Apnee Sehat means "Our Health" in many south asian languages.

Apnee Sehat aims to redesign patient care pathway through innovative techniques. We believe in developing an integrated healthcare model to overcome the traditional and cultural barriers. This would involve all the stakeholders - pharmacists, GPs and consultants making it a one-stop solution for communities.

Apnee Sehat Current Healthcare Services
Brings all diabetes-related services together in a multi-disciplinary healthcare setting, therefore closing skills gap Not all diabetes-related services may be
available under one roof
Services easily accessible to the community Hospitals may be located in far off areas from
the community
Cost-effective Services More costly
Community engagement
Apnee Sehat model can be an example of Best Practice for SHA and nationally
Community-centric service Care is not community centric
Culturally sensitive approach Not always culturally sensitive
Effective communication by South Asian healthcare
professionals to lead and deliver services
Potential language barriers
Tailored to suit South Asian lifestyle and diet, whilst aiming
to reach out to all the families
Not always tailored specifically to the South Asian lifestyle
Care Plan and Health Passport in Preferred
Standard models of care are not tailored to meet
the needs of ethnic minority groups
Patient empowerment
Holistic approach leading to better understanding of disease, lifestyle advice and risk. Family members are also invited to attend clinics with the patients. Lack of understanding in the patient
affecting the treatment

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